It's hard to adapt to such a small living space when moving from a home with twice the area.
As time goes by I adjust, giving away those items I had saved for when I had a place for them.
I slap myself around on a regular basis when I get depressed about it, reminding myself of conditions
in less prosperous countries where large families live in less space and have few luxuries.
Rather like comparing myself to the man who had no shoes when he met the man who had no feet.
My little house may not be impressive if compared to most houses on the American real estate market,
but in the world picture it is probably very adequate.

From the living area
through the french doors.

Living area with antique
pump organ in center.

My bedroom
Duvet cover changes from time to time with
the season and my mood.

My computer corner

Carl's room

Part of my Pug plate and mug collection in the kitchen.

Walk in the Woods