Pet Adoption and Rescue

This is the home page of the "Rescued Pets" webring.
It is the goal of each member of this webring to promote responsible pet ownership and to encourage adoption of unwanted and/or surplus pets from shelters, rescue organizations or individuals.

Pet overpopulation is a major problem and will not be solved by you or me. Actually, a full stop after "solved" is more to the point.
All you or I can do is to try to keep from contributing to the problem, spread education and save a few lives through adoption.
First, do not contribute to the problem by buying from pet shops or any sort of pet dealer who may use the infamous "puppy mills" or illegal animal importers.
Secondly, spread the word simply by talking about about the problem and encourage your friends and family to spay or neuter their pets. By all means, make sure you practice what you preach!
Finally, if you are looking for a pet, try your local animal shelters or breed rescue organizations.

Remember one thing: this problem is OUR fault. Domestic animals are the direct responsibility of humans.
If gangs of stray dogs roam our city streets it's not due to some diabolical plan of the ancestral wolves. These feral animals were pets or offspring of pets abandoned by their human caretakers.

If you have a website relating to issues of pet overpopulation, abandonment, adoption and rescue or if your site features an adopted or rescued pet, please consider joining our webring.

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