Here are the SandHill Cottage Cats. AKA "the Pussy Posse"
They are not all exactly "our" cats, but they hang out here.
We seem to get a lot of strays.
They check us out, eat the food we put out for our own cats & if they stay for more than a couple of months we have them neutered and put out an extra food bowl.

Baby Lucy
Not a stray
Carl picked up Lucy on one of his trips to Wal-Mart.
We didn't need another cat, but here she is and she's mine.
MissyLu is trying to be a playmate, but Lucy's claws are awfully sharp!

Lucy - Christmas 2008

My brother found Tut and 5 siblings in a dumpster.
We took in Tut and my brother adopted the rest of the litter.

Tut August 2008

Click was one of a pair, Click and Clack. Clack was killed in her own yard by our neighbors' dogs.
The dogs had been a problem for quite a while, but it took this tragedy to demonstrate how necessary it was to keep them controlled.

Liberace showed up on our doorstep April 12, 2003, just about an hour before our beloved Pug, Poppy, died.
For obvious reasons, I didn't pay much attention to him at first, but he hung around and made himself part of the family.
He was a youngster & too pretty to be a boy, hence the name.

Tom was another stray who moved in on us shortly after Liberace.
He was very loveable with the humans, but was a real problem with the other cats until he was neutered. Then he got along much better.
Sadly, Tom died June 20, 2004. Even though he was just a stray, we will miss him.

Loudmouth is another stray who adopted us.
Liberace tried his best to chase him away, but Loudmouth insisted on living here.
He and Click are the best of friends.

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