Mighty Texas DogWalk 2004

The weather wasn't very cooperative and the rain really put Buster off his form. He wasn't feeling up to snuff to begin with and had a bit of a limp, so he opted out of making the full course. Mom and BJ carried the colors and went the 3 miles while Buster and Dad stayed back at the van. Dad assembled a Radio Flyer wagon just purchased for "tired Pug transport" and Buster snoozed.

BJ and Dad at the 2004 Mighty Texas Dog Walk

After the Dog Walk a brief shopping trip helped to lift Buster's spirits.
He got to pick out a toy at Petco and another toy at Petsmart and BJ sampled doggie treats.

And the Results are in!

Total dogs crossing the Finish line: 1,095.
Total people walking: approx. 2,000
See story on Texas Hearing and Service Dogs Site.

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We'll be back next year, keeping our paws & fingers crossed that the weather will be better.