Mighty Texas DogWalk 2007

Pippin and MissyLu were the participants this year.
It was Pippin's first time and he was a little nervous, but he walked the whole three miles!
It was really windy and a bit chilly, but the overnight rains
had passed by and we only had a few puddles to dodge.

Are We There Yet?
Pippin and Dad on the last mile.

MissyLu in her stroller.
She walked about half the distance.


After the Dog Walk we made a stop at Petco, but both Pippin and MissyLu were whiney, so we didn't make our usual Petsmart stop..

Waiting for the results!

Local news reports we did NOT make the record,
but we did raise $80,000 for Service Dogs.

See story on Texas Hearing and Service Dogs Site.

DogWalk Start
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In 2008 the Dog Walk venue was moved to downtown Austin and to a later date with a later start time.
Considering the parking problems and the increased heat, Mom and Dad opted out of participation.
We still wish best of luck.