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Buster Brown, the Pug of Renown

I'm Buster Brown, the Pug of Renown.

My Mom adopted me from the local animal shelter.
I had been roaming the streets until taken into custody.
I'm now living the good life every Pug deserves.
There are those who would say I'm "spoiled," but I prefer to think of myself as "discriminating."

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And I've written a BOOK!!

Oh, please check it out, please, please? Bunches of pictures of ME!

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I am a cool dude!!

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When I first came here in August, 2001, Ms PoppyLu was the Queen of the household.  She was an elderly Pug who had been with Mom and Dad since 1989.  Much to the lasting sorrow of my new Mom and Dad, Ms PoppyLu died suddenly and unexpectedly of an apparent heart attack on January 12, 2003.
 Mom made a Memorial Picture Page for Ms Poppy.

I had another senior girl keeping me company, though.
She was with Mom & Dad for over 14 years, and even when she went totally blind was still feisty!
Meet MsPogie.


Ms Pogie

Adopted from a man
in the Wal-Mart parking lot back in 1995.
A sweet little chihuahua/poodle mix.
June 1995 - November 2009
We miss you.

Ms BJ Pug

Sunday, March 14, 2004, Mom and Dad found me another Pug lady friend!!!
Another senior, she was just shy of her 8th birthday and she was a black Pug!!
I had a few issues with food and attention at first, but things settled down & we shared the home peacefully for the next 6 years.

Meet my friend, BJ!!

March 18, 1996 - May 8, 2010
We will not forget you, sweet lady.

Ms BJ became a member of the family as much as if she had been born to us.
She was such a lady, so well-behaved (except for her penchant for chasing cats) and a total sweetheart.
She lost her hearing over the years, but picked up sign language & managed to communicate quite well.

More Friends!!


No, no...not what you think...BJ and I have both been "fixed."
Mom and Dad bought these puppies.
It's Hooter and Pippin!!
Hooter was for Dad's Mom who had recently lost her long time friend, Ranger.
He was only going to be with us a short time.
Pippin was s'posed to be my new bro and a playmate.

As it turned out, Dad had a friend at work who needed a home for his Rat Terrier, Gracie, and Dad's mom selected her over Hooter.
No accounting for taste, eh?
So Hooter stayed with us.
MsPogie really enjoyed raising these little guys and played with them like she was a kid herself!

And wouldn't you know!
Just when I was adjusting to the boys, Dad has a birthday and asks for a girl Pug puppy!
Always accommodating Mom writes the check and here's Pug # 5!!!!
I'm starting to feel crowded here!!!

MissyLu was born on the 4th of July, 2004.

And just when you think you're settled in, here comes someone new!

This is Buddy.
Mom found him abandoned on a country road.
No way she could leave him, so he has joined our family.

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Mom has lots more pages on here about her times with her furfriends.

Check 'em out.

Past-1974 through 1989
Recent-1989 through present
Show Dogs

See me at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk, April 12, 2003!
I walk the walk for a good cause!
I wasn't feeling very well on the day in 2004 and the weather didn't help at all,
but BJ and Mom carried the banner for the
2004 Mighty Texas DogWalk.
MissyLu joined me for the next two walks.
Mighty Texas Dog Walk
2005 and 2006

Pippin took my place at the
2007 Mighty Texas Dog Walk
He and MissyLu carried the SandHill Cottage banner.

I've Got a Shop of My Own!!

My picture on T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc.!!!
(Well, OK, there are some BJ pictures there, too!)
(Oh! ARGHHHH! Mom's added some puppy stuff!!)
Oh yeah, she made a special shop for my biker stuff! WOW!
Please visit!!
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