Sandhill Cottage FurKids

Miss PoppyLu Miller

Top Dog for over 13 years. Born October 7, 1989 in California.
Died suddenly at home, January 12, 2003.
We miss her more than we can say. She was a totally brilliant lady with a larger vocabulary than any dog I've known and even after she went deaf she responded to sign language. Sometimes I would swear she could read lips.

Poppy's Picture Page

Buster, the rescue Pug. Guessing b'day around January, 2001. I found him at the local pound. Can you believe he'd been there for almost a month and nobody was looking for him?

Little Miss Pogie as a pup. She was adopted from the Wal-Mart parking lot back in 1995. Said to be a chihuahua/poodle mix. A sweetie pie and playmate for Buster.

Miss Molly Miller

Molly joined the household on June 2, 2003. We found her at the Town Lake Animal Center.
And not to be overlooked, the Pussy Posse that keeps the property pretty much snake and rodent free.

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