There is an unrelenting wall
Between all else and me.
A wall of clear transparent glass,
Through which I gaze and see
The happiness of others who are
Loved for things I lack...
And if my spirit could but choose,
On all I'd turn my back.
But I must be (or try to be)
Beloved by those I fear,
Must laugh because the others laugh
And hold back every tear.
Yet when I go to bed at night,
Tucked safe behind my wall,
I wrap myself in loneliness,
And let the teardrops fall.


Within these walls, these ancient walls,
Far from man and gloried halls,
In solitude this quiet nest
Gives my soul her needed rest
When fearing she has failed the test
And flees the burden of the quest.

Beneath the sky, the day/night sky,
Little lives pass quickly by.
Younger souls pass to and fro,
Little knowing as they go
Their frantic seeking will not show
The way to what they wish to know.

Within these walls, these ancient walls,
In solitude and quiet pause
My soul attends a gentle word
Spoken by a voice unheard
And hopes I thought were once interred
Are seen again through eyes unblurred.




What is this wondrous new sensation
Within this lonely soul?
A warmth, a glow, a fascination..
A feeling I am whole.
The solitude no more an aching
Emptiness within
But now a joy, a dawn just breaking..
A new life to begin.

Still cautious, not quite free of fear..
My shadows yet abide
But fade and shrink each time I hear
You want me by your side
Wake me not if these be dreams,
Let me slumber on...
Let this love be all it seems
'Til time itself is done.

S. Stanton Miller