Softly speaks the Dragon, to lure you to His den,
And once he has you bound there, your tender heart he'll rend.
Sweet his words that draw you in, gentle his caress,
Then he rips apart your soul and leaves you emptiness

In the void he leaves behind, you struggle to survive
Feeling torn asunder, only half alive
Back within your walls you flee, locking every door
Vowing in your agony to venture forth no more.

But hope dies hard and Spring returns,
The dying ember in you burns
Once more a flicker, then a flame
Within your heart there is no shame.

Perhaps to meet the Dragon's eyes
And fall in love is all unwise
But hearts may break and hearts may mend
And life goes on until the end.

In the void he leaves behind, you struggle to survive
Warily you wonder...Yes, you are alive.
Not the same and yet the same, you gaze upon the door.
And ponder possibilities of going forth once more.

Broken Trust is the Death of the Soul


Shadows creep across the moon.
Its silver light is gone.
The darkness suits my empty soul
As I sit here alone.

My eyes can see no beauty,
No music finds my ears
And sorrow has no surcease
Within my silent tears.

To all outside I am quite whole,
I show no fear or dread
They cannot know my courage comes
From knowing I am dead.

S. Stanton Miller