There where the willow branches softly
sway and sweep the earth with a
lover's touch-
There are we as I caress your body
with my hair.
And see the hummingbird as she hovers,
sipping sweet nectar from the heart of the
It is I, tasting the sweetness
of your mouth.
As the ivy entwines with verdant suppleness
about the bole of the towering oak, so do my limbs
enfold you.
For my legs are long and my body slender
and I am delicate.
Your strength shatters my being and my bones
melt within me.
I am enthralled and my bondage is rapture.
There where the shadows silently
slip away in the soft glow of
the dawn-
There am I as you leave me.
And see the sun as it fills the void
with light and warmth and
with life-
It is I, remembering.



how the Night blooms when We are together!
Earth arches upwards to meet the velvet Sky
as He caresses Her with a gentle Breeze
and covers Her with warm Darkness.

Hills and Valleys move in slow Undulations
while deep wtihin Her a gentle Tremor builds
as his Power grows in the deepening Shadows
and fills Her with Ecstasy.

her Rapture erupts in a Kaleidoscope of Blossoms
while Stars spring from the Sky
and come to rest in the glistening Dewdrops
on the Breast of the trembling Earth.

her soft Sighs mingle with the Breeze
and Dawn softly announces the rising Sun
as Earth slips into hazy Reverie
and I wait to be with You again.



Come to me, Love,
and feed this spark you have kindled
in my loins.
Fan it with your warm breath on my body
as you stoke the fledgling flame with sweet hungry kisses
on my breasts and thighs.
Drink of the wine that flows from my melting flesh
as I feel your power grow and I burn
with desire for you.

Join with me, Love,
for I am open and panting in the heat
of my passion.

Come into me and let me embrace you
with all of my being
as I rise to meet you in the sweet rhythm of the universe.
And when the blaze of our union scorches the heavens
I feel the earth convulse within me
and I am all undone in ecstasy.

You are Magnificent!

As I drift langorously from the pinnacle of delight
I feel in my belly the glowing ember that will rest there
'til it is your pleasure to give it life once more.




S. Stanton Miller