I Wish I Could Fly

I have this recurring dream wherein I can fly. It's so real that when I wake up I have the feeling that I CAN fly...I KNOW I can, but I'm forgetting something that enables me at the moment. This dream has been with me since I was a child. I even remember certain rooms from childhood that I flew in. Bound to be some significance, but it escapes me in my waking hours. I don't soar with ease, I don't have wings to flap...my flying is rather like swimming in air. I can feel the resistance & I do need to concentrate to stay aloft. I've never fallen when flying, but I've fallen in other dreams unrelated to flying.

Long Time Dreamin'

When I was 11 years old, my ambition was to have 11 children. I was a lonely only child.
A bit later I went through my "horse crazy" stage and wanted to have a horse ranch.
When I was older and thinking about a "real" career, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I found out the only veterinary school I had even a remote chance of being able to afford (Texas A&M) didn't accept females in the veterinary science program. Bummer.
Hard to believe? Check out the high school courses of the mid 1950's.
So then I decided I wanted to be a farmer's wife. Farmer's wives could have lots of kids, could work with animals and were the core of the family and the community.

Didn't happen, couldn't happen.

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Air?

So. In all my life I've never been based strictly in reality. I recognize the real world, but I hope for an impossible one. For years I was very "religious." Went to church every time the doors opened.
Did all the right stuff, honestly believed that "knock and the door shall be opened."
Didn't happen. Religion fell into the "waiting to see Santa on the roof" genre. Cause and effect.
It would be lovely to look out my window and see a unicorn grazing on my lawn. I feed the birds, squirrels & deer that inhabit or pass through my few acres. No unicorns yet. I want Santa, Mary Poppins & friendly Dragons in my life.
I get the Tax Appraisal District, the local School District & the Internal Revenue Service.
Sigh. I wish I could fly away from all that.
But wait...on reflection...even without unicorns, I've got "stuff" to be taxed, some people have nothing. I have money to pay those taxes, some people don't have money for food. How very fortunate I am.


Long ago I believed in many ideas and ideals. I don't believe in them anymore, but I'm still acting as if I do because I'm hoping...maybe somewhere, somehow, sometime. Hope is a wonderful thing...sorta. I remember being part of a Girl Scouts Food Drive...collecting food for the hungry...thinking we would "cure" world hunger: we really believed it was possible. That was back in the '50's and here we are, half a century later still swamped with charities trying to feed the hungry. And the worst part is, we have hunger even here in the USA, the richest nation in the world. What's wrong with this picture? If there is such a thing as a national crime, I think hunger in the United States of America qualifies.

Pedaling uphill as fast as I can

For more than a third of a century I've been promoting responsible pet care...spay and neuter to allieviate the pet overpopulation. As you read this, hundreds of innocent animals are being euthanized...that means KILLED...because they don't have homes. No crime but existence...they were born. Myth has it that they will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge. I want to believe this, too. I have several pets from long ago that I need to apologize to. I sinned in ignorance. Ignorance can be cured by knowledge. Indifference has no cure. .

I see my dream in there.

So What Am I Doing That YOU Can Do?

I've found I can work to make a difference even though I'm not very affluent and not very sociable. In a very small way I dedicate some time each day to trying to help. There are lots of "click to donate" sites on the web. I researched a few and tacked them onto my bookmarks to visit daily.

I found an in state rescue organization for my breed of dog and joined with a small donation.
I found a local environmental preservation organization and donated a nominal amount for a year's membership.
I look for merchants who donate part of my purchase price to a charity I support. I support local charities with recycled clothing and household goods.

I sponsor a child through Children International
And if you do nothing else, spay or neuter your dog or cat. We are the guardians of our domestic animals.

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