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We're really glad you came to visit our little home in cyberspace. Here's where you can meander off to the areas that you may find of interest.


Around the House Family
Pets Travels
Personal stuff & creative writings Links
My Garden Miller Mall

"Around the house" has pics of SandHill Cottage house and grounds, including gardening and yard projects.
"Family" has pics of relatives and ancestors. (When available.)
"Pets" is a tribute to past and present furkids .
"Travels" opens a new window to our travel site.
"Personal stuff..." is just that...stuff in which most folks will not have an interest but that I want to preserve for my own purposes. Poems, opinions, gripes, etc.
"Links" is (obviously) a page with links I've found helpful or interesting.
"My Garden" has lots of pictures of flowers I grow.
"Miller Mall" is our "wish list" and commercial area. Links to shopping where we get kickbacks.