Silly Stuff

These are little odds and ends I wrote when the fit was upon me.

Oh Sir, your perspicacity
doth challenge my capacity
to limit my audacity
in begging for your favor.

If my brash temerity
doth merit your severity
I ask in solemn verity
your lips my own to savor.

Free of all duplicity
(forgive my eccentricity)
I beg the sweet felicity
Of life with you to flavor.

'Twould be a great atrocity
to flee with all velocity
if lacking reciprocity
your constancy should waver.

I see no ambiguity
in trusting your acuity
to see my ingenuity
although my speech doth quaver.


Haiku for you

In waves too high
I sought my sweet escargot
and found green seaweed


You said I was
Your life's own true sun's lighting
But love, you spoke lies.

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